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threewaystopcock said: Thank you so much for all the lovely drawings (seewhatididthere) while you were here. I hope your muse returns because i love seeing your work, but do the thing you need to do and take care of yourself!

Thank you so much for the kind words! I am glad to see that people like my art and will miss it while I am gone.
I hope to return again and in a full drawing fury haha 

Thank you again lovely, you are very sweet! 

tun-vol-on-off-am-fm said: No. I've missed you for so long, and you come back and say you're leaving? You make me sad. I always loved your work.

Thank you very much! I really appreciate the love.

I am sorry to hear that you will be upset because if me but I don’t feel right having my art blog active if there will be no art.

Maybe one day I will come back :)

I have recently lost my love for drawing - I do not have the imaginative power and the inspiration to keep on drawing Yogscast fanart.

I will keep my blogs up for people to view my older art and hopefully get inspired from it but I will not be posting any more art. 

I might, however, come back and revive this account if I ever feel the need to express my love for youtubers again.

Alas, this blog and my main blog will be dead until further notice.

Stay Lovely,



This is something that slips past the Western viewers- it looks like it’s reaching out for Chihiro, in a malicious way, to the Western viewers. It’s what I thought growing up.
However, now, that I know that it’s a way of signalling for someone to ‘Come here!’ in Japan, the scene takes on a whole new meaning.
That spirit knows that if Chihiro doesn’t eat the food, she will disappear. And it knows if it offers the food, she cannot be cursed as a gluttonous pig because it wouldn’t have been stolen.
Just a unique take when you have all of the context.

And also, the red lanterns spell out ‘おいで’ which translates to “Come here” or “Come in” :)



Fucking shit

This is simultaneously cool-looking and absolutely terrifying.

oh this is cute, it’s like something out of gunnerkrigg court or bracklewoo-OHHH SHIT
Lovely yog heads
Am I too late for Valentine’s Day?